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Project Lead/Design Lead

Drifting through a wrecked space ship you must survive with limited Oxygen and Ammunition. 


This game is a collaboration between artist Colin Wolfe and I. 

Bubble & Broc




Global Game Jam 2015 entry. 

Twister meets Mario in groovy fun. Get a friends and play as Bubble of Broc to make it past each challenge. But be careful getting hit means starting over and loosing a key on the keyboard. 

HookShot Hobo
Lead Designer, Programer, Sound Engineer. 
Swing from car to car using your hookshot and try to rack up as many points as you can.
This game was a collaboration between artist Colin Wolfe and I. 
Handle With Care
Project Lead/Design Lead

A collaberation between Programing student from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Art created this game over the course of a semeser. 


Using the power to create and destroy platforms each player must protect their Pack Pal while they collect packing peanuts.